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Rendering TeX & Graphs to SVG in WordPress

When you start a blog site, the first thing you think about is how the math will look.

Well OK, if you are anything like me, the first thing you think about is how the math will look. And the graphs. And the plots. And possibly how difficult it will be to create them — after all, if it’s a lot of work, you might forego illustrating your points with easy-to-grasp figures or enlighteningly set formulas and go with a less-than-optimal textual representation instead.

One of the first things I did after installing WordPress was sifting through the plug-ins looking for one that would make this task simple and fun. There are a few dealing with LaTeX (WP LaTeX being the obvious choice), though graphing and plotting are represented less. No matter, at least LaTeX is working …

But what’s that, a rasterized image ? Isn’t there a better way that’ll also display beautifully when scaled up or displayed on different-sized screens ? Vector graphics are nothing new, and Scalable Vector Graphics is an open standard published by the W3C quite some time ago; by now, browsers will surely support it …

(imagine me carrying on this train of thought for a bit and, as if by magic, arriving at …)

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